( guard and protection )

Nagano's Pedigree

Hunter is my name and I'm looking for a female.

---..-- He is one of the most beautiful dog from Romania (his tattoo is no. 21 - means the 21th type of the purebred AKITA INU in Romania). He was selected of the cover of the review "MY DOG" on March 2000, where it's presented for the first time the difference between AKITA INU and GREAT JAPANESE DOG. This purebred GREAT JAPANESE DOG was recognized by F.C.I. for the first time in 1999.

---..-- Here you are some of the important features: very smart, clever, jelouse, with a strong personality and dignity, honest, attached to hid owner till the death, sedentary dog (calm resulted from his internal force). He could be like a judo champion owing to his capacity to over turn any situation in most of the desperate fightes because he exploits the weakness of the enemy, some times beeing even superior one. He knows to suffer in silence and he needs of much affection, confidence and sincerity. He is a real fighter and bodyguard so he could die for his owner in any moment.

---..-- His parents:-- SHOGUN OF MEGAMI ADAM (father) - COR.20-98/255
---..-- Hparents:---- RJCH SUSHI SAIONARA (mother) - COR.3-97/255

------- His titles:
  • 5 x EXCELENT
  • 4 x CAC
  • 1 x CMBCR
  • 1 x BOB
  • 1 x BOG
  • 1 x RBIS
  • recommended to reproduction
  • 1 x RCACIB

---..-- Note : This dog is looking for a female. Informations at:
------------------- - phone: 004-01-324 81 43 (after 8:00 PM)
------------------- - email: gabriela_mircea@hotmail.com